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Chocolate hearts treat

lapkričio 4, 2015

heartsClick to enlarge picture

Homemade “Chocolate hearts“ treated me from unrequited love

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat


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  1. Do you have the recipe for this?

    • Yes, I have. Sharing here:

      Chocolate hearts

      Rice cereals: 4.5 cups
      Chocolate: semi-sweet, 2 pieces;
      Honey or corn syrup: 0.4 of cup;
      Margarine or butter: 3 tablespoons;
      Anoiting surface: margarine or butter.

      Cooking instructions:
      1 semi-sweet chocolate chunks, honey and margarine put together in saucepan and cook on low heat. Stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Cook until the chocolate and margarine/butter melts. To the chocolate mass add the crispy rice flakes or otherwise and stir together. [If you don`t need very crispy chocolate hearts, I think, you should put rice to the warm milk just for the 5 seconds and drain.]
      Line baking pan with parchment paper and smear/lubricate with butter. In the prepared pan, pour the mixture and place them for 10min., in the refrigerator. [After that, the surface will not be equal, so, use another chocolate piece for the flat surface]. Put into refrigerator for 10min. again.
      Then, from the hard mass cut the hearts with a biscuit cutter or the one you have at home. Again put into the refrigerator to solidify.
      Enjoy your dessert.

      If not clear the recipe is, ask, please. I will answer 😉

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